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Islami Darasgah Bristol

The Very First Masjid Setup in Bristol in 1967. The Masjid is located in a converted terraced house over two floors. It holds  all five daily Prayers including the Juma Prayer, with daily classes for children between 4pm - 7 pm. There is a weekly spiritual Dhiker gathering on Thursdays to which everyone is welcome to attend, plus numerous other Islamic events over the Year. Unfortunately due to lack of space is unable to provide facilities  for sisters, which will (In'sha'Allah) be rectified once the Masjid relocates to its new propose built site at the New Hazrat Bilal Centre. Further details and updates can be found at its Facebook page, Click the FB logo below

 Members of the "Council Of Bristol Mosques" (CBM)

Islami Darasgah Bristol / ‎‎Mosque & Study Centre / 109, Bristol, Avon BS6 5LA