Nikkah / Islamic Marriage

Hazrat Bilal Masjid/Centre provide an Islamic (Nikah) Ceremony Service. You Can have the ceremony service performed at the Masjid, in your home or elsewhere. The Imam will carry out the Islamic ceremony and the Masjid Secretary will provide you a certificate of your Islamic Marriage. Please contact the Hazrat Bilal Masjid/Centre to arrange. You will need to fill an application form to make the arrangements.

Note: A minimal fee is charged for this service. Currently £150.00.

This Service does NOT fulfil the requirements of civil Marriage (for UK law) and we require couples to get married at the registry office FIRST to satisfy UK law, before we perform your Islamic Marriage (Nikkah).

Couples/families should also consider & discuss the right of Khula before the ceremony. What is Khula ?(< Click )

Download the Nikkah (Islamic Marriage) Application form HERE (< CLICK)

Children's Quran Class's - Application form.

We run daily classes for children to learn of the Islamic faith, including reading the Holy Quran in the Arabic language. To enrol your child, please download the application form, complete and submit to the Masjid.

A monthly fee is charged for this service which must be paid in advance each month by standing order.

Classes have limited capacity and enrolment usually takes please each year after Ramadan.

Please download the application form HERE .