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Latest News.

MAY 2017 - UP & Running !

February 2017 - Nearly there !!

September 2016 - Almost there!

March 2016 - Roof Completed

September 2015 - Roof being installed

July 2015....Getting there slowly...

Jan 2015 - Brick work started!

Dec 2104 - Block & Beam floor completed

10 Sep 2014 - First Building block layed by Imam Hafiz Muhammad Altaf

The Congregation gathered with the Imam at the first block laying stage (10 Sep 2014)

March 2014

The Steel frame (1st Stage) is up and ready to paint ! Just waiting for the weather to improve before construction of the walls begin

May 2013

The Piles have been installed and foundations have

been constructed after long and unexpected delays.

The next stage of erecting the steel frame which will

form the skeleton / frame around which the walls will

be constructed is being priced up ready to get under

away soon.

February 2013

Work has finally started, clearing away the old foundations and a concrete filled cellar ( a unforeseen job) !! .

January 2013

CDM Co-ordinator has been appointed

November 2012

Party wall Surveyor has been appointed

November 2012

Contractor has been appointed for Piling / Foundation stage

July 2012

Piling foundations has been approved finally by building control after a long delay

JUNE 2010

In the next stage after gaining planning permission we are now in the process of getting the detailed planing regulation drawings done before submitting them for approval. ( In a nut shell we need to show and get approved HOW the building is going to be built e.g. how thick the walls are going to be, how thick the insulation will be, what grade the beams are going to be etc etc)

Another requirement of the planning permission was to get a soil contamination test before any works start at the site. In total five different companies have been contacted to gain their quotations to perform this service (Comapines as far as Devon, Cardiff & London were invited). We are pleased to announce that a local Bristol company has been selected to carry out this survey for us and hope they will start their investigation works in the next week or so.

Watch this space for further news.

February 2010

We are pleased to announce that the Hazrat Bilal Centre has finally been given GRANTED planning permission on the 26th of Feb 2010 !!

We would like to thank everyone for their support and help in getting to this stage and look forward to getting building works underway asap.

October 2009

Revised plans have been submitted taking into consideration all concerns and comments of the planing officer. All people who wrote to the council in support of the project in the past may receive a letter to advise them that amended plans have been put in and asking for their views. The deadline for giving your feedback good or bad is the 21st October after which the council should make a decision.

March 2009

Neighbour Consultation Event. We would like to thank everyone who attended the neighbour consultation event held at the St.Werburghs Community Centre on Sat 7Th March. It was great to meet everyone and to receive such positive feedback and support.

It demonstrated how commnities can work together to create harmony and mutual respect.

We fully appreciate the confidence and support given by everyone and hope the new centre will become a positive asset to the local community.

Planning Application has now been submitted to Bristol City Council (Ref No 09/00413/F). Now the process of consultations and other planing formalities will take place. We intend to keep all our members and neighbours fully informed about its progress and thank everyone for all their support and encouragement.

Moving forward..

Things have been slowly but surly been moving ahead at the Hazrat Bilal site since late 2008. A new planning application has been been submitted which now awaits consideration by the council. As the St.Werburghs area falls within a flood zone, a flood risk assessment was required to be submitted with the planning application. Therefore the Management team had been busy organizing visits from topographic surveyors to get the best survey at the most competitive price. All the surveyors who attended the site asked for the rubble (from the demolition of the old pub which was on the site) to be cleared from the site, before they could produce an accurate survey. This created further delays as we tried to find the most competitive site 'clearance contractors' and awaited their quotations and eventual start. Once the site had been cleared, we were (eventually) in a position to appoint a topographic surveyor.

Fences blowing over..

The wet and windy summer we had played havoc with the site fencing. One week they were up the next they were down! As soon as they were repaired and stood up a week later they would fall over again due to the wet and windy weather. This cycle of “up and then down fence” was escalated by unknown people who were constantly breaking in to use it as a drink and drug den!

Fly tipping..

With the fences constantly blowing over (by nature or individuals!) lead to a fly tipping problem with unscrupulous builders and individuals dumping their rubbish at the HBC site. Therefore an additional job was identified to get the site secured to a high standard so as to avoid further fly tipping. The time spent finding a reasonable fence erectors just added to the delay! This wait for quotations and then the delay before the builders could start just added to the delay.

Wait for updated Flood zone Map

An additional delay has been the wait for the updated flood zone map (from the environment agency) for the St.Werburghs area, which we have just received in December. This map shows areas the government believes would be effected in case there was a flood. (Click here to see map)

Final word

The site has been cleared, the topographic survey done and the site has been secured with new fencing and gates. The final wait for the compilation of the flood risk assessment is over and the new planning application has been submitted.

Hopefully you now understand what some of the delay has been and will appreciate that things have been moving along in the background but due to circumstance beyond our control have been delayed somewhat. We ask for your continued patients and support for this humble project and ask that you remember it in your prayers.

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